April 2015 – Making Work Pay: Understanding the impact of the EITC and other tax credits on the lives of low income families

The EITC Funders Network, the Grantmakers Income Security Task Force and Grantmakers for Children, Youth and Families co-hosted an informative session with the authors of It’s Not Like I’m Poor, a newly released book that highlights how low income families are faring since the welfare reforms enacted in the 1990s. In the wake of welfare reform…

February 2015 — CFED’s New Support for the Community Tax Preparation Field

Free tax preparation services help tens of thousands of low and moderate-income families have their taxes filed in high quality, non-predatory, community settings. The success of this field has been built on developing technical expertise and peer-to-peer learning opportunities provided by a robust network. As we head into the 2015 tax season, it is more…

October 2014 — Investing in Savings At Tax Time: Insights for Funders

This webinar offers a briefing on the latest innovations and best practices for helping low-income consumers leverage tax time to begin saving. Speakers discussed scale innovations that hold promise for transforming the way low-income consumers begin and build savings as well as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Ready, Set, Save initiative and learnings from the 2014 Tax Season.

February 2014 – Changes Ahead for EITC Webinar

The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is widely recognized as a critical income support for millions of low-income families. It has also proven to be a powerful tool for encouraging work among low income families. To date, the EITC enjoys bipartisan support and may even be expanded to include childless workers. What changes are being considered at the national and state levels? How would an expanded EITC to include single childless workers impact poverty in the US? How does EITC expansion efforts affect efforts aimed at increasing the minimum wage?

November 2013 — Integrated Service Delivery: Funders Only Pre-Conference Briefing

November 2013 — Integrated Service Delivery:  Funders Only Pre-Conference Briefing Hosted by the Asset Funders Network (AFN), EITC Funders Network, GIST and Workforce Matters, this briefing is a part of the Working Families Success Network (WFSN) Conference. This special pre-conference session provided grantmakers and philanthropic advisors with an opportunity to learn more about Integrated Service…